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Vitiligo in Women

Women form a significant portion of the vitiligo population. There is a need to have a greater understanding of how vitiligo affects women. In today’s society, more women are joining the workforce in a world working towards gender equality. As a result, women are exposed to more stress and irregular lifestyle habits which can contribute to the onset of vitiligo.

From physical impact – skin turning white, to emotional impact – unwanted judgment by the public, women with vitiligo can also face additional challenges in their career. In our society where vitiligo awareness is not widespread, there can be inappropriate judgment or biases from people who do not understand vitiligo. This can result in unnecessary hurt and stress to the affected individuals.

Timely treatment is of utmost importance as the condition can worsen and spread over time without medical help. In severe cases, the substantial loss of melanin reduces the skin’s resistance and can result in skin cancer.

Our current patient case studies point towards a healthy lifestyle for prevention and recovery from vitiligo. It is advisable for women with vitiligo to have a balanced diet, avoid excessive vitamin c and spicy food coupled with moderate exercise. 

When in doubt, do seek advice from a professional medical doctor early. Self-diagnosis and treatment can lead to the condition worsening instead of improving.