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Vitiligo in Seniors

As individuals age, their bodies' immunity weakens. One of the factors of vitiligo is the targeting of skin melanocytes by the body’s immune system. Therefore, if it is not treated in time, it may contribute to an immune response disorder. 

Elderly with vitiligo should be given reasonable treatment in the early stage where the formation of melanocytes can still be treated. In the later stage, not only is there a loss of cell function, it will be difficult to treat when the melanocytes are completely lost.

Elderly individuals should face vitiligo with a calm mindset and avoid psychological stress. If one does not have a correct understanding of vitiligo, there will be some negative emotions. This will cause the thymus to degenerate through the endocrine function, and the synthesis of immune lymphocytes will be hindered. When that happens, the body’s immunity will be reduced and the white spots will develop and spread easily.

Treatment brings difficulties. Therefore, vitiligo patients must remain calm and optimistic, comfortable, cheerful, and actively cooperate with treatment, so that they can be in a good state. Therefore, more attention should be paid to psychotherapy.

When the area affected by vitiligo is localized, the whole body is actually undergoing internal changes. There is a need to treat and recondition the body for better results in the long run.

Early treatment is the key to recover from vitiligo. It is encouraged to seek professional medical help as soon as possible for timely recovery.