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Vitiligo in Men

Men with vitiligo is a special group among those who have vitiligo. In general, men have a more active lifestyle compared to women. Hence, the probability of a response to trauma is much greater than that of women. 

What are the manifestations of male vitiligo? In addition to the typical symptoms of vitiligo, men can have one or more of the following symptoms. It can start from as small as the size of fingernails or a penny. The shapes of the vitiligo skin can be round, elliptical or even irregular depending on the individual’s case. 

The edges of the vitiligo skin can be either clear or blurred together with healthy pigmented skin. The number and size of white spots are uncertain which can either affect a segment of the skin or grow and merge to form larger patches over time.

As the onset of vitiligo can be contributed by a variety of factors including genetics, autoimmune diseases, lifestyle, diet, etc. It is advisable to seek treatment from a professional medical doctor early to prevent the condition from worsening.