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Vitiligo in Children

Most children have skin that is flawless and smooth. Unfortunately, children with vitiligo have white patches on their skin that may cause awkwardness in them and anxiety for their parents.

Childhood vitiligo, unlike adult vitiligo, has a higher incidence in females with segmental vitiligo being more common type. It is also less frequently associated with other systemic autoimmune and endocrine disorders.

It should be noted that although the defining characteristic of vitiligo is white depigmented spots, there are other skin diseases that cause similar white spots. Self-treatment without sound medical knowledge can cause unwanted aggravation of the white spots on the child which leads to the spreading of the white spots.

Childhood vitiligo is often linked to a marked & long-lasting psychosocial effect on the self-esteem of the affected children as well as their parents. Seeking early professional medical advice for physical and mental well-being is highly recommended.