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Treatment > Phototherapy

UV Phototherapy for Vitiligo

The Waldmann brand is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of UV therapeutic systems for dermatology with over 40 years of experience in phototherapy for the treatment of skin diseases.

Our Waldmann UV5002 phototherapy cabin unit is equipped with 1.8m lamps that allow for full-body irradiation of vitiligo skin in seconds.


The unit comes with specially designed geometric spectral reflectors with ventilation that keeps overall irradiation at its maximum efficacy. The unit was also designed with many other safety features to keep patients safe during irradiation such as an automatic shut off when the door is open.

A few types of phototherapy are available with the UV5002. Narrow-band UVB (NBUVB), UVA/NBUVB (in combination). Our doctor will advise you on the most appropriate phototherapy for your skin condition.


Excimer Laser Treatment

This treatment form of targeted phototherapy that delivers a specific laser wavelength of 308nm. It is effective for facial areas and is pain-free with no downtime.

Micro-blister Grafting

Using a novel device to do a painless excision of tiny blisters of normal skin and their transferral to vitiligo patches

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