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About Vitiligo > Symptoms of Vitiligo

Typical Symptoms of Vitiligo

Generally, vitiligo manifests itself as white depigmented or discoloured skin patches known as macules when the certain parts of the skin stop producing melanin - the skin pigment that gives skin its color and helps protect it from the sun. These patches have the same texture and thickness as normal skin and are more noticeable on people with darker skin complexions.

With time these white patches may grow to cover a larger part of the body. White patches can either spread rapidly at first and then stay stable for years or spread slowly over a longer time frame. It is highly unlikely for melanin to return once the vitiligo white patches have formed.


Places that are usually affected are body folds like the armpits, skin regions that have been injured before and sun-exposed areas etc. and it can also affect the hair.

The distribution of the white spots can help in identifying the specific class of vitiligo. Here are the 3 types of vitiligo one can have:

Non-segmental vitiligo

Focal vitiligo and generalized vitiligo are sub-categories of non-segmental vitiligo. These are more strongly linked to markers of autoimmunity or inflammation such as halo nevi and thyroid antibodies (symmetrically) than segmental vitiligo.

You should seek professional medical advice to get a customized vitiligo treatment that is effective for your specific vitiligo type. Commonly asked questions on vitiligo can be found here. You can also read about the various vitiligo patient types. 


Consult our doctors to learn more about your vitiligo condition and how we can help you.