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Treatment > Melanocyte Transplant

Melanocyte Transplant

In melanocyte transplants for vitiligo, small pieces of healthy full-thickness skin tissue with a high concentration of melanocytes (cells that contain skin pigment melanin) are obtained surgically under local anesthesia from the patient.


The skin tissue pieces are then processed by specialized machine to break into cellular components in a suspension fluid and then grown in a culture in the lab overnight. The vitiligo sites are prepared through de-epithelisation by laser or abrasion.

The melanocyte-rich suspension is then transferred onto the patient's prepared vitiligo sites.


This therapy is administered in-office and best used in areas of limited vitiligo where the vitiligo has been stable for at least six months.

Melanocyte transplants have a very high success rate, especially for segmental vitiligo.


Excimer Laser Treatment

This treatment form of targeted phototherapy that delivers a specific laser wavelength of 308nm. It is effective for facial areas and is pain-free with no downtime.

Micro-blister Grafting

Using a novel device to do a painless excision of tiny blisters of normal skin and their transferral to vitiligo patches

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