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Treatment > Micro-blister Grafting

Micro-blister Grafting

Micro-blister grafting is a well-established treatment method for vitiligo patients. It is an option when the skin affected by vitiligo is severely affected by the loss of skin pigment cells (melanocytes).

Under this method, we use a novel device to quickly and precisely develop and excise very small blisters to produce tiny pieces of normally pigmented superficial skin tissue, known as micro-grafts. This is done painlessly without injections or incisions - our established & evidence-based skin grafting.

The vitiligo areas will be prepared through the removal of the outer layer of the skin by means of mechanical abrasion or lasers, and the micro-grafts are then transferred on to the prepared sites. The entire procedure is done at the clinic and takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Simply put, we are essentially ‘re-planting’ healthy and functioning pigment cells to areas devoid of them.
Since the skin comes from the patient, the risk of rejection is low. The results of the blister graft depend on the clinical characteristics of the patient and graft site. Re-pigmentation will be achieved in about 2 to 3 months, during which the regular work and life are not influenced. This technique is most effective for vitiligo in a stable phase.



A narrow-band UV therapeutic treatment for vitiligo. A phototherapy cabin unit is used to irradiate widespread vitiligo. Painless and safe.

Excimer Laser Treatment

This treatment form of targeted phototherapy that delivers a specific laser wavelength of 308nm. It is effective for facial areas and is pain-free with no downtime.

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